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With regards to keeping your home warm with the right intensity, our specialists will take care of your necessities. Regardless of the issue or the furnace brand you are using, our professionals and certified technicians are here every minute of every day to investigate the issue and fix it. Be it any model, your furnace will be carefully looked after by our technicians and will settle on nothing less than perfection.


Maintenance and frequent checkups are very important to plan for fall and winter.

Conducting proper maintenance and regular checkups would ensure that your furnace is of good quality and ready to work properly in colder seasons. When proper maintenance is carried out beforehand, It is unlikely that your furnace will have any issue during the season when you most need it. Sometimes the maintenance work is ignored or left for the last moments before starting the furnace. Most of the time, under such conditions, the furnace can work for a few days and break down. After which, you have to stay in chilly conditions until the technicians find the fault and repair it.

A regular checkup is fundamental. It allows the HVAC experts to check for any issues with the important parts of your heater – heat exchanger, gas valve, igniter, pilot lights, burners, fire sensor, thermocouple, draft inducer engine, pressure switch, blower engine, and return air channel.

Our experts will check problems that are related to the heating issues of your furnace, and the required maintenance and repair work will be done so that there is no hindrance to your heating system throughout the cold season.


A furnace you are buying is in good condition or has it worn down and needs immediate replacement. Many questions come to your mind before buying a new heating system or looking for a new brand of furnace in the market. You need experts to tell you whether the furnace you are already using can be repaired to work perfectly or does it need a complete replacement. 

If your furnace does not need any changes and just certain minute repair works will make them as good as new, then you need the right and experienced technician to carry out this task.

Suppose your furnace is damaged to a great extent and needs complete replacement. Even then, there are a lot of questions arising in your mind. Only someone who has thorough knowledge about all the aspects of a furnace-like cost, effectiveness, guarantee, and warranty, will be able to guide you to the best products in the market.



As essential as it is to understand my new details about a furnace or heating system before buying to ensure the right equipment for your home, so is its installation.

You need the right persons and certified technicians to carry on the task of installation to ensure proper working of the.

We here at red seal mechanical have experienced and knowledgeable technicians who can work on this under any condition 24/7. You just have to call us, and we will get your system installed in no time. Our employees are ready to help you even on holidays, and they are available any time of the day without charging any extra money for our services.

We do not have any hidden charges or expensive demands for getting your work done. Our installation charges are pretty affordable throughout Canada. We will help you with installation anytime, anywhere, and will ensure that everything is done right from the start.